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New Consumer Unit

We can replace outdated / unsafe fuse boxes (wired fuses/ plug in Breakers) for a modern dual RCD protected consumer unit, to meet the current electrical requirements. As part of this installation we have to perform a full inspection & test of the existing wiring (comparable to a MOT for your electrics).




Inspection & Testing

Domestic properties should have their electrical installation tested every 10 years. Has yours? This is to ensure that you and your property are safe and that the electrical installation has not deteriorated. Talk to us about getting this doneand sleep with peace of mind that your electrics are safe.




LED Lighting

The cost of electricity just keeps rising, so why not reduce the amount you use? When you replace any lighting, whether it is an outdoor security light, a garden light, your kitchen lighting or when fitting down lights, fit LEDs. We can advise you, what would be best and carry out the work that is needed. You can reduce the electricity consumption for your lighting by 90%, if you change to LEDs. You won't lose brightness and it doesn't take time to warm up, like energy saving bulbs.



Home Automation

Control your home, garden or office with the touch of a button! Turn on lights, one or many, inside and outside, with remote timers and sensors. We are trained in the installation of these products by the manufacturer. All controls work by Radio Frequency, so no need to be in line of sight ( as with infra red). This can also help solve issues of additional switching when decor can't be disturbed. Its is an ideal solution to avoid digging up the garden to lay cables. Contact us and we can help you solve your problems.

Landlords Electrical Safety Certificate

All properties need inspecting & testing on a regular basis and on changing of tenants. Positive Electrics can carry out this test and any remedial work that is required to meet your needs. We also carry out electrical alterations and maintenance for Landlords. We can collect keys if required and all electricians have CRB checks.



Smoke Detectors

Have peace of mind and sleep easy knowing you have smoke detectors in your home. We install mains powered smoke alarms that are linked. So if one goes off, they all go off, ensuring you are alerted to any danger. We also install full fire alarm systems for shops, hotels and offices etc.



Electrical Showers

Need a shower but don't have the boiler or header tank to get the pressure with a normal mixer tap? We can install the circuit, shower and switch and connect to a cold water supply. We can even plumb in a shower cubicle with tray and tile, if you require. Contact us for a fixed price installation cost to meet your needs.




Need a CCTV system? Call us for a quote to install one for you. Multiple camera systems with Smartphone access and large storage drive. 




Repairs/ Fault finding and Call Outs.

Have any electrical problem in your home or office any time of day? Call us and we can help you in a time of need.


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